Build Referral Relationships

with Insurance Agents

Start creating referral relationships that provide efficient and profitable work

for your roofing or restoration company.

Why referrals?

It's no secret that referrals close at extremely high rates and can be more profitable than any other customer acquisition channel available.

Most businesses struggle to successfully scale and sustain their referral sources so they rely on lesser lead sources. We've solved that problem.

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Our step-by-step process teaches you how to take action on the untapped potential in your market.

In a competitive market, stopping by and dropping off treats to agents and telling them about how great you are is white noise and will produce minimal returns. Through real world trial and error with hundreds of meetings with agents, we've created a systematic approach that works with surgical precision to not only get you in front of agents but close them on referring all of their clients exclusively to you.

What's in it for you?

Increase Sales

Create lead sources that continually bring you new clients without the cost.

Increase Profit

Referral partnerships with insurance agents allow you to focus on and target those carriers that pay the best.

Build Confidence

Give your team a proven strategy to improve on their success.

Save Time

Higher closing rates and spending less time chasing customers means more productive time at work - and to spend with family and friends.

Our Products & Services

Virtual Instructor Lead Trainings

Each client receives live onboarding calls as well as continued success calls. There's no limit - so whether you need to brush up on your skills, train a new hire, or get help with a difficult situation, we're available to you.

RRS Online University

Our online learning platform is like no other.

Highly produced, ever-expanding, and intensive content that puts your whole team within reach of game changing intel.

Calendar & Automation Tools

As a client you have access to our proprietary BOOM System software -custom designed to automatically maximize your efficiency, follow-up and results.

110% Money Back Guarantee

Our promise.

We're dedicated to ensuring that our system fits within your organization. That's why we guarantee that if you're not satisfied with our program, you can cancel anytime within the first 30 days and get more money back than you've paid. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

RRS Online University

Access our library of dynamic online content anytime, anywhere. Our course is a state of the art production diving deep into every aspect of successfully creating referral relationships.

Unlike programs with static, boring training videos

our program is a relationship.

That's why it includes a combination of Live Video Calls, One on One or Group Coaching, Online Content, and Downloadable Guides to help you retain, practice and implement each step of the way.

Real Clients. Real Success.

Matt is incredible! He has helped us to get more referrals from Insurance Agents than I could have ever imagined! He approaches everything systematically and walks you through the entire process. The investment was next to nothing compared to the value of the return! I highly recommend Restoration Referral System to all who want to expand into their market and secure a steady stream of leads.

Samuel Howard, Co Founder

Pro Building, LLC.

This training is the real deal! Not only do you learn the process of getting insurance agent referrals, you may also have the opportunity to file a commercial claim for an agent that is referring you their clients, like we did! Matt also brings a ton of industry knowledge to your business and your team! It was literally the best investment we made in 2020!

Josh Pinter, President

American Shield Roofing & Construction, LLC.

If you are a contractor or business that could benefit from insurance agent referrals, I highly recommend implementing this system with top insurance agents in your area. I used to buy donuts for all my agent friends and get inconsistent referrals from them, but since I invested in Matt’s system, I no longer buy donuts for anyone and agents are sending me 100% of their business.

Richard Rossouw, Business Development

Clean Cut Roofing, LLC

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